Who is Shallow Water Co.?

Shallow Water Co is a local apparel line that was started in Oxford, North Carolina by a group of guys who all share the same unique love and passion for the outdoors. Founder, Luke Trueheart, created the brand in 2019 with his very first hat design. After his initial design quickly grew in popularity amongst friends, he made enough hats to share for himself and his buddies to sport while hunting together. This quickly grew into more hats, and soon turned into shirts, hoodies, and more. Today, his brand is somewhere that he never expected it to be. Shallow Water Co. is thankful for each and every supporter of our small business and brand that has helped us reach levels unimaginable from the start. Our promise to our customers is to always remain focused on the utmost level of customer satisfaction and appreciation throughout our growth endeavors. It is our hope that our slogan “Built by Passion” shares a message that if you too are passionate about a dream, no matter how far-fetched, anything is achievable with a little hard work, passion, and lots of support!

Luke Trueheart

Luke Trueheart the owner and founder of Shallow Water Co., is from a small town located in the heart of rural Granville County, North Carolina. He briefly lived in Wilmington, North Carolina for four years while obtaining his degree in Construction Management. After graduation, he moved back home and now lives with his Fiance, Hana, also from Granville County and an avid lover of the outdoors. From a young age, he always enjoyed being outdoors fishing and hunting. As he grew older – Waterfowl hunting became his primary passion. Over the past few years, as he began to further his adventures in nature, he discovered a passion for another hobby which was photography. He has enjoyed capturing all of his hunting and fishing trips on camera to share with everyone. During many of these trips, he has been able to experience traveling all over the states hunting in new places and meeting new people. His passions coupled together gained an extensive following on social media. So, in 2019 when he decided to custom design his own apparel for these trips, the photos he shared wearing his apparel quickly gained exposure. He began designing and creating apparel for his buddies first, and then quickly realized the market for his products – thus the start of Shallow Water Co. Luke is excited to share his ideas and passions with you all, and he is incredibly grateful for all the support he has received so far in making Shallow Water Co. a successful, reputable brand for outdoor apparel!

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